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Monique Moorer

Monique M. Moorer is a servant of God, wife, and mother of three.  As a nurse for over twenty-one years, she has served her community in multiple states.  Monique has even become a keynote speaker talking to young girls and their parents about changes to their bodies during puberty.  As a minister of the gospel, she has served the church in multiple capacities including praise and worship leader.  Monique is an encourager at heart.  Her lively and vibrant personality can uplift almost any room.  Although Monique has encountered moments of hardship and despair, she will not allow those situations to tarnish her view of her Savior.  She is confident in her relationship with God which keeps her pressing forward.  While embarking on this devotional journey discover how God can use you too, as we are all living testimonies.  Monique wants to remind you that often we do not see it, but just like her, God has a specific plan and purpose with you in mind that will blow your mind.

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