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Tiffany Lagone

Tiffany LaGrone is a single mother of four, an entrepreneur in her heart. She is the creator and the founder of Tiffany’s Unlimited Hair Design and the future Christ-Like Learning Center. A youth leader at Jesus Tabernacle Church an ordained youth minister, and a lover of souls. She delights herself in serving others with love and compassion. She seeks after God’s heart while creating an atmosphere of joy and peace. 


She was a woman that didn’t know her worth until God spoke to her in the year 2000. Realizing she needed a change,  she developed a closer relationship with God. Although the battle was great and the trails continued, she realized that she had to put her complete trust in God. Not knowing what would result in letting her child go, she knew she had to make a decision to weather the storm.


After years of fighting and warring with the enemy, she always came out victorious.  Now recognizing God’s plan and purpose for her life, she has chosen to give up everything that will hinder her from her calling. Letting go of all hurt and pain, forgiving others for what was done to her. She chose to surrender all to God in her most desperate times. While raising her children in the fear of Lord, she decided to let them go at a certain age so they could thrive, and so she could deepen her personal relationship with God. She continues to leap over walls, kick down doors while looking to Him for everything. She still is and always remains a conqueror. For many years she has stood and continues to stand on God’s uncompromising word. She communicates with Him daily. She seeks after His will and nothing else. “WHO IS SHE?”, you may ask. She is powerful, mighty, and triumphant.

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