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3 Mindset Shifts to Finally Write Your Book

Get out of your own way and finally write your book.

So it would appear that everyone is a published author these days. But I know a secret... many (and you may be one of the many) have not yet published their first book. You find yourself held back by:

  • There's not enough hours in the day.

  • I don't even know where to begin.

  • Do I have a message worth sharing in a book?

  • I'm more of a talker than a writer.

I understand because I work with a lot of first time authors, making the publishing process light and breezy for them and I know for a fact that each of those limiting beliefs can be demolished. So with that, today I am sharing:

Three mindset shifts for high achievers like yourself to finally put pen to paper and write a best-selling book.

Shift #1.

This is sacred work. Yep. This is an assignment and it is not to be taken lightly. Why? Because it may be about you but it's not for you. Has a book ever changed your life, your thinking, your way of doing things? How different would your life be if that author had never put pen to paper and published that book? Do you want to be the reason someone is held back from excelling in their assignment? I know you don't, but that is exactly what happens when you sit on your message.

Affirmations for Authors: My book may be about me, but it is not for me. It is to serve others.

Shift #2.

Outlive and out travel yourself. Your book will live longer than you. With your book you can freeze a moment in time forever, you can speak to and inspire your children's children's children, you can leave a piece of you on Earth that will touch lives long after you're gone. And because of the many advancements of technology, your book can fall into hands of people in countries you may never physically visit. It will take you and the message God gave you into rooms your foot may never tread. It will affect hearts of people you may never meet. You can't tell me that isn't amazing to consider.

Affirmations for Authors: My book is a witness for God; meant to reach the end of the Earth.

Shift #3.

You have the time. I said it. 24hours. We all get the same amount everyday. None of us have more time than you. It's about how we use that time. If you're like me, you may just need to schedule in your time to write. Put it on your calendar! Or maybe when you sit to write you end up staring a blank screen the whole time. You may be more of a talker than a writer. Talk-to-text your book! Or lock yourself in your room, pretend you're on stage, and record yourself talking it out then have it transcribed. Boom! You've just shaved months off of your process. Like I said... you have the time.

Affirmations for Authors: I will honor my assignment by committing time to writing.

So with that I challenge you to start (or restart) today and finally write your book. Do it little by little or go for the gusto if you like! Which mindset shift are you glad to have received a reminder of today?

Well, I am off to design and publish books and plan out the next season of my podcast. If you're ready to design and publish your book, schedule a call so we can support you.

Hugs and High Praise!

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