Why You Need a Bedtime Routine.

Wake up. Get the kids off to school. Work. Get the kids off to bed. Shower. Plop into bed. Sleep. Repeat. Ummm NO!

So to be honest

Before now, I could never get into a bedtime routine. Literally. The most routine I had before bed was a long hot shower after the kids were in bed just because daily showering is a must and I happen to love hot showers.

But here lately,

I have decided to be committed to my bed time routine. Why? Because I have discovered that is actually a part of self care. My bed time routine is one of the ways I say to myself, "I love you so very much." Some of the benefits of a bed time routine are

  • better night's sleep because we give our bodies time to relax

  • time for self and self reflection

  • assist your body in regeneration while you sleep

  • and more

I am going to share what my bed time routing looks like now (it is evolving currently)

After the children are in bed...

I close my laptop, look over our home to make sure it is decent and in order, any leftovers are in the fridge, and the doors and windows are locked and secured. With this pease of mind, my first step in my Self Care Bed Time Routine is my shower. I have been accused of taking a shower for an hour (insert eye roll). My response: One hour of steamy relaxation to wash away the 8 - 12 hours or nonstop I just had... don't judge me! And while I am in the shower, I think, reflect, take time to feel the heat of the water, inhale the steam, lean against the wall and just relax. I have had many a Words from the Lord in this atmosphere and I love it. This also includes washing my face with my foaming face wash. So step one in my bedtime routine is cleansing my long hot shower.

After washing away the stress of the day

I begin my countertop experience. Here I brush teeth then apply my face toner, spot treatment, and moisturizer. I also apply lip balm. In a consultation I had with a reputable makeup artist, she explained that while we sleep, our skin goes through a regeneration therefore properly caring for the skin before bed, promotes healthier skin over time.

Now that my body is relaxed

It's time for some stretching. Because let's face it, in the 40+ club we need all the help we can get to keep our bodies limber and fluid. My desired method of stretching is yoga. I know some think it is un-Christian like to do yoga, however I am not worshiping other Gods (I'm not even thinking about any other God except Jehovah). I AM JUST STRETCHING. M'KAY... So I search YouTube for bedtime yoga and usually complete about 30 minutes of relaxing stretches. By the time I am finished my entire body is relaxed and ready for rest. I have released from my body the stress of the day and cleared my mind. The result, being able to drift off to sleep more easily.

AND...I have done several things my future self will thank me for!

What are some great things I can add to may bed time routine?

What are some that you will be adding to yours? I'm curious to know.

Well that's it for now! See you in the next post!

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