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12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Authors

Gift Ideas for the Writers in Your Life

Hey there friend! If you've got a friend who spends more time with their notebook than with you (hey, we don't blame them!), then you're in the right place. With the holidays brewing you may be wondering, what are good gifts to buy for an author? Well you're in luck. We're diving into 12 thoughtful gifts for friends who love writing. Speaking as an author myself, I can assure you that your author friends will love these

Gift Ideas for Authors

1. Quality Journal or Notebook: Imagine gifting them a super cute, spiral-bound notebook where they can pour out their thoughts and dreams. It's like giving a passport to their next big idea!

2. Novelty Pens or Unique Writing Instruments:

Because nothing says "I'm serious about my craft" like a fancy pen. It's not just for writing; it's a statement. Bonus points if it feels like holding the quill of a biblical scribe.

3. A Super Cute Mug w/ their Favorite Tea:

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like your favorite beverage in your favorite mug! Help them sip their creativity in style with a mug featuring a motivational message. Pro Tip: Urban Tea Room is my favorite tea company as a gift idea for authors!

4. Unique Bookends:

Spice up their bookshelf game with some funky bookends. Practical and makes for some Instagram-worthy content – win-win!

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones:

Because let's face it, sometimes the real world can be a bit too loud for crafting imaginary ones. Help them tune out the noise and dive into their own literary universe.

6. Book-related Art, Posters, or Merch:

Turn their writing nook into a mini art gallery with posters featuring a favorite quote or some book-themed artwork It basically becomes an inspiration wall.

7. Literary T-Shirts or Apparel:

Wearable book love! Find a tee with a hilarious literary pun, a quote from their favorite book, or from their favorite author's merch line. Fashion meets fiction.

8. Writing Retreat or Workshop:

Level up their skills with a writing retreat or workshop. It's like a vacation, but with words and and more friends who love words just as much as they do.

9. Subscription to a Book Club or Writing Magazine:

Keep the literary vibes flowing with a subscription. It's the gift that keeps on giving (every month or quarter).

10. Custom Book Stamp:

Make their mark on the literary world with a personalized book stamp. It's like a signature, but a much cooler way to sign books!

11. Ergonomic Writing Desk or Chair:

Comfort is key for those marathon writing sessions. Help them create their dream writing space with ergonomic furniture.

12. Gift Certificate to their Favorite Service Provider:

Hey, getting those stories out in the world? Costs more than just time—it takes some serious moolah! Imagine gifting your writer friend a gift card for their fave editor, book cover designer, or self-publishing expert. It's like saying, "Go chase those dreams, and hey, I got your back financially!" Want to make it happen? Grab a Brand It Beautifully Gift Card right now.

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to making your author friend feel like the literary King or Queen they are! Choose a gift that speaks to their writer soul, and you'll be their favorite character in this chapter of life. Happy gifting!

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