OH MY GOSH! You're here and I am so grateful for you stopping by.

Hello! In case we've never met I am Allison Denise. Mom of three, speaker, author, mentor, minister, brand designer, and book publisher. WHEW CHILE! That's a lot of hats! And guess what, being in the 40+ Club, I have started to feel the wear and tear of life on my body.

That brings me to why we're here. I am on a journey to my best self and that involves my best health! I've started and stopped repeatedly for the last three years. So I decided what better way to give myself some accountability than to bring you along for the ride! I keep you updated on my progress and you can learn ways to increase your success in the journey to your best self too!

It is my goal to share as often as I am inspired the things I am doing and the products I am using while I'm on my way. Why? Because... I wish above all things that you (and I) are prospering in every way and that we continually enjoy good health, just as our souls are prospering. (3 John 2 TBT, paraphrased by me).

So welcome! Or as I often say in my Texas draw (which is dripping with a Trinidad accent sprinkled with 10% East Coast)... HOWDY! I'm so glad you're here!

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