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Whether in your home, the office, your community, your ministry, or otherwise, if you inspire others to more, you are a leader. While being a leader often comes with accolades and benefits, it can also come with overwhelm, confusion, and pressure. It is in these moments where true leaders are developed. Will you fold under pressure? Will you give in to the overwhelm? Will you circle in confusion? Or will you give yourself grace and remember that you are just as human as the people you inspire and lead?


Since you are reading this, it would appear that you are the type of leader that understands you don't have all the answers and are self-aware enough to recognize when a shift needs to take place. The shift from leading to following. Following the example of God who, after working and creating for six days, took some time to rest. Or Jesus who would often retreat to a quiet place to pray and who pressed forward in His assignment despite hitting a rough patch or two.

Give Me a Minute is designed to be a resting place, a praying place, and a renewing place. Take it minute by minute; in whatever order God leads you. Repeat a minute if you need to. Just find what you need to reset and restart.

In each section you will find:


  • Mindfulness activities you can complete in 2 minutes or less
  • 1-minute motivational messages to pray, prepare, or persist
  • Journal pages to write out your thoughts or action steps
  • Coloring pages to calm your mind and spirit. Color pencils will probably work best for these.


Complete one or all when you start your day, in the middle of your day, or to end your day... whenever you need a minute.


Publication Date: February 20, 2022

Allison Denise Arnett is the Visionary Author

Signed, Hand packaged, and shipped with love by Allison

Give Me a Minute

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