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Growing up teachers sent permission slips home for our parents to sign that gave us permission to participate in activities or things to help us grow and be better people. Some of us took the permission slip home and permission was granted without hesitation. Some of us took the permission slip home and permission was not granted. Some of us took the permission slip home, forgot to give it to our parents, then signed the permission slip ourselves. Well, guess what, that was then, and this is NOW! No matter what happened, now you get to sign your own permission slip. You get to say YES to whatever supports you in being the best version of yourself. You no longer need, require, desire, or want permission from anyone else because you know that God has already given you permission to be and do that which your heart desires and best serves and honors your higher self. For these authors, it’s no longer about permission granted. It’s permission taken!


Publication Date: February 2, 2020

Allison Denise Arnett is a CoVisionary Author

Signed, Hand packaged, and shipped with love by Allison

I Signed My Own Permission Slip

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