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Publish & Brand Their Books

You know who you are. You know what you have to share is a big deal. You know what God has called you to do. You are focused on transforming lives and the book in your belly is one of the ways you will accomplish this. 

And that's where we come in. Allison Denise and her team are here to help you birth your book into the world. We offer all-inclusive self-publishing services for trailblazing Christian Women in Business like yourself. This means we do all the heavy lifting while you keep all the credit, copyright, and royalties

But we don't stop there! We go beyond publishing and help you develop a visually appealing author brand to using an author website, social media graphics, and so much more to attract your readers and position you for the media exposure you and your book deserve. 

And if you are more of a DIY (do it yourself) type self-publisher, we have an amazing author mastermind to teach you that duplicatable process while publishing your own book.

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Publish & Brand Your Book

Whether you wish to publish your first solo book or get your feet wet with publishing a book collaboration, we have a book publishing and branding package to suit your needs.


• Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurship

• Women's Empowerment

• Health & Wellness

• Spiritual Growth

• Devotionals

• Bible Studies

• Interactive Journals

Solo Author Book Publishing & Branding

The Solo Author Book Publishing and Branding Experience™ is for new and established authors seeking a one-stop-shop, quality over quantity, keep the most coins in my pocket pathway to sharing your message with the world. 

Book Collaboration Publishing & Branding

The Beautiful Anthology Experience™ for Visionary Authors seeking a one-stop-shop, quality over quantity, keep the most coins in my pocket pathway to publishing your book of 3 or more authors. 

Have the time, know-how, and desire to do-it-yourself?

Looking to outsource certain pieces of your Self-Publishing process? Schedule a Consult to discuss Book Design and Author Brand Design Services for authors who want to self-publish without looking self-published. We offer Book Cover, Typesetting/Book Interior, Author Website, and Author Media Kit design services starting at $500.





I'm Allison Denise

I am both Called & Creative™. Called to create for the Glory of God. The work of my hands is blessed and all of my jobs are Spirit-led. God has commissioned me with Creative Prophetic Relevation™ to positively change lives via writing, publishing, and design. This path has allowed me to become a 9x Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Award-Winning Graphic Designer of beautiful boss brands and books. I want to co-create something beautiful with you!


Your Author Brand


ASCEND Author Mastermind is a 9 month mastermind which opens for enrollment once per year. Receive the training, coaching, and attention you need to establish and grow your author brand to the next level as we focus on getting you published, increasing book sales, and establishing your authority in your industry.

Along with coaching from Allison Denise, ASCEND Author Mastermind is a group of your author peers who will challenge you and hold you accountable for making your desired progress while you publish your book and learn the duplicatable process of self-publishing.