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Create raving book fans, sell more books,

make  God-sized  impact

Brand It Beautifully™ offers




Business and Ministry-Minded Authors hire me, Allison Denise of Brand It Beautifully™, when they want to strategically and beautifully launch and market their non-fiction books. 

I create beautiful book launch assets so your author brand experience for your readers is polished and unforgettable allowing you to sell more books and fulfill your God-given assignment to make the most impact possible using your books, programs, and events.


Authors in the following industries delegate their author branding to us for:

 Book Design & Publishing | Sales Pages | Slide Decks | Notebooks | Virtual Backgrounds | Physical Banners | Workbooks/Worksheets | VIP Boxes | Badges | Social Media Graphics and more 

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurship

Women's Empowerment

Health & Wellness

Spiritual Growth

Personal Development

Christian Ministry

If you are looking for a one-off design, this may not be the creative studio for you, but if you want to build a relationship with a graphic designer who will come alongside you as a strategic partner for your author brand, then I’m your creative.

Let's Brand & Design Your Next Launch

From Concept to Launch, enjoy

delegation  without  worry

A million-dollar book idea can fall flat without a clear book launch strategy and beautiful book marketing graphics.

God has given you a million-dollar message and book idea. You've written it and you and your team are excited to launch it.

All you need now is to delegate the job of designing and publishing your book and creating the book marketing assets to an amazing and experienced launch team you can trust to do the job with excellence.

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Our results-driven process to launch your book with a beautifully identifiable and positively memorable reader experience. Or in other words -- with more visibility, more readers, and more success for you and your book.

BOOK LAUNCH MASTERY is a 6 - 9 month experience that provides done-for-you graphic design services alongside private, personalized author brand strategy support from concept to launch.

Because time is your most valuable asset, take the weight off your shoulders and lean on a system that works.

Book Launch Mastery

The Book Launch Mastery System™

The BOOK LAUNCH MASTERY System™ is a 3-Step formula that creates the sweet spot of results for the Business and Ministry-Minded Author who wants to strategically and beautifully launch and market their non-fiction books.

BIB Book Launch Framework (1).png


Brand Designs

Event Branding Sample Landscape.png
BIB Tato Brand Sample Landscape.png
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Creative Director | Brand Designer | Bestselling Author | Minister

Empowering Women Leaders is my ministry. Designing Beautiful books and brands is my assignment. You are my assignment.

I'm Allison Denise


I am in love with empowering Ministry-Minded Women leaders to align with their Kingdom assignments to make big impact with transformational books and brands. 

I've been creative since a child and started designing in 2008 with websites, flyers, and speaker one-sheets. I began designing as a full-time Author Brand Strategist eight years ago after being wrongfully terminated by my employer one week after giving birth to my preemie third child... we can talk more about that later. But that was the push I needed from God to step into my destiny. Long story short, I am a degreed accountant who went back to her first love... CREATIVITY! 

I self-published my first bestselling book in 2015, and now I am a 13x Best Selling Author and 7x Anthology Visionary. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 18 and was licensed and ordained as a minister in 2019. As the Creative Director & Designer of beautiful books and brands, I have since empowered 200+ women to make big impact. 


You and I are change agents for God. My assignment is to empower you to deliver your message in beautifully impactful ways. When we partner together, we are the two (or three) gathered in His name coming into agreement to transform lives for the better.

Book #1 is just the beginning.
Let's design an author brand that makes a God-sized impact!

What  Our Clients Say

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