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one day to


writing took months (maybe years), but you only need

You've finally got the message in your belly onto the page! Congrats! But now getting the message to the masses feels pretty stressful.

i remember the feeling

the 1st  time I published

Staring at the screen wondering if I was answering the questions right and what happens if I get them wrong?


Feeling overwhelmed not knowing what to do first.

Thinking my time would be better spent operating in my zone of genius (instead of seeking out KDP keywords).

Oh Em Gee!


Sound familiar right?

I know and I get it.



BTQ Site Hdr (3).png

Wouldn't it be amazing to


Save hours

Not searching endless videos on how to design your own book cover, how to publish your book on KDP, or how to hire a cheap and fast book cover designer?


Save months

Not going back and forth for weeks or months with your designer, publisher, KDP and scheduling calls to discuss approvals, revisions, and such?


Avoid the stress

of your files being rejected and not knowing how to fix them and waiting forever to officially become a published author?

What if you could also...

Be easy on Your calendar

Move past the hurdle of not having time to get published on your own because we can get it done in day!

Save Major time

Writing and editing took long enough right? Revel in the fact that what normally takes weeks and months can get done in one day!

Put money BACK in the bank

Publishing in a day means you position yourself to start earning royalties faster to recoup the investment you poured into this labor of love.

Well now you can ...

This recovering perfectionist has worked through plenty of ways doing it wrong to find a just right way to get it done. So now I can assist you in getting your book published in

less time

less work


Here's how it works in


 Prior to your VIP Publish Day,  you'll complete an in-depth pre-work questionnaire that will help me gather the information I need to design your book cover and prepare it for a smooth publishing experience and we will format your pre-edited manuscript.


 On the day of your 4 Hour VIP Publish Day,  we'll kick off with a call to take a final review of your book files, create and set up necessary publishing accounts, get clear about any remaining questions, then actually publish your book.

 After your VIP Publish Day,  you will have 10 days of Voxer Voice Chat access to me for questions related to what we have completed or if any post-publishing issues arise.

You walk away with


 A beautiful book cover design

 A beautifully formatted manuscript

 A published book that you can feel proud to promote

 A Book Brand Board for future promo materials

 A Social Media Book Announcement Graphic

 3D Mockups of your Book

 Post Publishing Guide with important next steps

 Accounts properly setup for future publishing

and the beauty of it ?

It gets done in an accelerated timeframe without having gone through months of headache and aggravation.

Oh My Gosh!


Sounds magical right?

I know!


your readers
are waiting


...lover of all things author branding!

I started out in full-time business six years ago after being wrongfully terminated by my employer one week after giving birth to my third child... we can talk more about that later. But that was the push I needed from God to step into my destiny.

I am a degreed accountant who went back to her first love... CREATIVITY! I published my first book in 2015 and now I am an 11x Best Selling Author. As the Creative Director & Designer of Author Brands, I have since empowered almost 200 women to publish and become bestsellers themselves.

Assisting so many Queens in building their author empires has positioned me to know many of the ins and outs of self-publishing from book cover design, to ISBNs and barcodes, to what are the essentials to building a beautiful and profitable author brand.

Publishing a book in this technology age does not have to take months and years or cost us our peace! One Day to Publish VIP Days allow me to have time to do what I love AND spend quality time with the ones I love too! And let's not talk about what the extra time on my calendar can do for our mental health. 

So I thought... this is a wonderful way to help my authors make a beautiful impact on the world AND open up time on their calendars too!

This is my assignment.
You are my assignment.

Hi I'm
    Allison Denise

One Day to Publish


We Make Magic with Authors publishing

 their first or next book in 


Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurship

Women's Empowerment

Health & Wellness

Spiritual Growth


Bible Studies

Interactive Journals

 So you can ditch the overwhelm of 

I don't have enough time!

I don't know what to do!

I don't have any help!

I have so many questions!

I can't find a good book designer!


Now is the time to publish!

Your Readers are Waiting.

The Investment



Oh I see you're an overthinker like me and...

You have more questions for me

  • Is this in person or virtual?
    One Day to Publish VIP Day is completely virtual! We will meet in a private zoom room for our session.
  • How does this actually work?
    Fill out the application. Once I review it, we’ll hop on a quick chat to make sure I’m a good fit for your book. Once we’re ready to move forward you’ll receive your contract and invoice, then you’ll get my calendar to book your VIP Publish date and get your pre-work questionnaire to complete. 7 Days before your VIP Publish Day you ill submit your edited manuscript and Book Cover Design Questionnaire. 3 Days before your VIP Publish Day we will have a quick 15 - 30mins Session to iron any last minute questions. On the day of your VIP Day we’ll start off with a 60-90 minute kick-off call to discuss your book cover design and get everything setup for publishing. After your VIP Publish Day I will provide you a Post Publishing Guide and you will have access to me via Voxer Voice Chats for 10 days for any questions pertaining to the work we have done.
  • I'm a planner. What's the actual VIP Publish Day timeline like?
    7 Days Prior Your edited manuscript and pre-work questionnaire must be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the start of your VIP Session. This is to ensure I have plenty of time to review what you’ve submitted, format the manuscript, and design your book cover BEFORE your VIP Publish Day. 9 AM CST We’ll start your VIP Publish Day reviewing (and revising as necessary) your book cover design. This will also give us both an opportunity to ask any last minute questions. 10:30 AM CST We will setup your ISBN and KDP accounts (as necessary) to facilitate the publishing process. We will connect via Voxer for you to reach out to me if there are any questions I have throughout the day. 11:00 AM CST You are free to take brunch break while I publish your book for you and create your Social Media Announcement Graphic, Book Brand Board, and Book 3D Mockups. 12:30 PM CST VIP Day is complete! We’ll hop on another quick call to review everything that was completed, as well as show you how to order prints of your book. (This call will be recorded so you can reference it any time you need!)
  • Who in the world tries to get published in a day?
    Authors who value their time, know that money loves speed, and are excited to bring their book to market!
  • Ok well, I'm not in a rush. Can all this really be done in one day?"
    That's the thing... this is not a rush process! Working with me, you have the benefit of working with an experienced self-publisher who can take you through the process with the least amount of stress in the least amount of time. The 4hours we will spend together is ample time to get the process completed. As a note, if life should happen or technology does what it does sometimes, I will still ensure you walk away with a beautiful book cover and a published book (even if i have to put in work hours after our VIP Publish Day is over).
  • What if something goes wrong or I have questions after we've published?
    Should your files be rejected by KDP or they are accepted but you are unclear what to do next you will have 10 days access to me for questions via Voxer Voice Chat. If we should need to edit your files or make any revisions to work completed due to an error on our part, I will ensure that gets done asap.
  • Will I have to be on the call with you the entire time?
    No! After we have finalized your book cover and given me access to your publishing accounts (that we setup together) you are free for 1.5 hours before our wrap up call while I finish everything up for you.
  • How soon can I schedule my VIP Publish Day?
    VIP Days are hosted on Thursdays each week so you will likely be able to get yours scheduled within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Will you help me write my book?
    Because writing can be a time intensive process, it is not part of the VIP Publish Day process. If you desire assistance writing your manuscript, I can assist you with this or refer you to one of my colleagues prior to your VIP Publish Day.
  • What if my book isn't edited yet?
    To ensure we have all the pieces we need for publishing, your book must be edited prior to your VIP Publish Day. I can recommend some editors to you to accomplish if needed OR give you a quote to complete editing for you based on your raw manuscript word count. This will add 7 - 14 days to the timeline and must be completed before your VIP Session.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    Yes! There is a 2-Pay payment option where you can pay a deposit then balance on a timeline convenient for you. Note however, the One Day to Publish VIP Day will not be scheduled until the investment is paid in full.

Author brands we've had fun contributing to

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